First of multiple rounds of rain and snow begin overnight

Published: Mar. 19, 2023 at 8:42 PM MDT
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Our next 24 hours:

Overcast skies will continue to hang around the Western Slope for the remainder of our Sunday as the first of multiple rounds of snowfall and rain arrives around midnight. The entrance will be around the Four Corners region and will continue to be widespread as we progress throughout our Monday. The valleys will likely experience rain, while the mountains will see snowfall. Grand Junction and Montrose Temperatures will sit in the lower fifties to start a new workweek.

Throughout the Workweek:

Rain and snow will be the main story throughout most of the workweek. The first round starts early Monday morning and becomes widespread throughout the day. The second round moves in on Tuesday before most of this snowmaker starts to peak throughout its cycle by Wednesday. We begin to taper off on rain and snow on Thursday for the morning and afternoon hours.

By evening, the third round moves to bring the likelihood of mixed precipitation for the valleys and the mountains still receiving snow. It will continue overnight and into Friday for our mountains, with the valleys staying on the low end of receiving any rainfall and under overcast skies. Then chances start to increase again as we start the weekend before a cold front swing through, ushering in dry conditions by Sunday but with temperatures falling.

Grand Junction and Montrose Temperatures will remain in the mid to upper forties throughout the workweek. By the weekend, temperatures will stay in the lower to mid-forties before falling into the upper thirties for Montrose on Sunday,

Traveling will become hazardous to dangerous over any of our mountain passes. The likelihood of road closures and the chances of avalanches occurring remain high. Therefore, avoiding heading into the backcountry throughout the workweek is not recommended.

Snowfall Totals:

The valleys will remain on the low end of snowfall accumulation, with Grand Junction receiving around one to two inches. Montrose has a chance of getting two to four inches; however, it is to note that any snow falling is likely to melt on contact with the surface.

For our mountains, snowfall will accumulate and could receive up to four feet in some localized areas. Most of the high country will get anywhere on the low end up o six inches, averaging around one to two feet by Friday evening.