Temperatures to take a big jump for our Sunday

Published: Apr. 15, 2023 at 7:16 PM MDT
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Our next 24 hours:

The sunshine that we have seen throughout the day will continue throughout the remainder of our Saturday evening. That will transition into clear skies for the nighttime and overnight hours. Temperatures today stayed in the mid-fifties for Grand Junction and upper forties for Montrose. Overnight, temperatures will once again remain cold. Grand Junction is in the lower 30s, and Montrose and our southern locations will stay in the upper to mid-twenty degree range.

Tomorrow, sunshine will continue across the Western Slope, and while sky conditions will not change, our temperatures will, in a big way. Grand Junction and Montrose will have temperatures rise by more than ten degrees, sitting in the upper to mid-sixties.

Next Week:

As we start a new workweek, temperatures will continue to warm up, but this will be a minor change. Grand Junction and Montrose will rise into the lower seventies. Some light cloud cover will pass through, leading to partly cloudy skies.

It will remain in the lower seventies for Grand Junction throughout the day on Tuesday, but Montrose will start to feel a temperature drop falling into the mid-sixties. Clouds will increase Tuesday evening, leading to overcast skies Tuesday night and Wednesday.

From Wednesday into Friday, temperatures will continue falling, reaching back into the upper to mid-fifties for Grand Junction and Montrose. Conditions will remain dry throughout the workweek, and changes in cloud cover will occur during this time frame.