Sunshine is here to stay as temperatures continue to warm

KKCO News at 5:00 Weather Forecast April 29, 2023
KKCO News at 5:00 Weather Forecast April 29, 2023
Published: Apr. 29, 2023 at 6:21 PM MDT
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Our Next 24 hours:

Sunshine and comfortable temperatures have been the main story for our Saturday. Throughout the remainder of our Saturday, there will be little changes to the conditions but only to our temperatures department. Our low temperatures in Grand Junction and Montrose will fall into the upper to lower 40s.

For our Sunday, continue to enjoy the excellent conditions and comfortable temperatures. Tomorrow, we will continue to see plenty of sunshine across the Western Slope with little cloud cover. Temperatures are still rising, with highs climbing into the upper to mid-70s.

Next week:

Throughout most of the workweek, there will be changes in our conditions and temperatures. Temperatures will remain warm on Monday, with Grand Junction feeling early summer-like temperatures in the mid-80s and Montrose in the upper 70s. However, some cloud cover will move in, leading to partly cloudy skies.

That will transition over into partly sunny skies for our Tuesday. Also, on Tuesday, temperatures will slowly descend throughout the workweek. Temperatures will hover into the lower-80s to mid-70s and continue falling with an increase in cloud cover again on Thursday and a slight chance of a quick passing shower. The mountains do have a chance of receiving some snowfall on this day. However, it is still early leading up to Thursday, and changes are likely either this possible weather maker amplifying or weakening.

By Friday, temperatures will settle around the mid to lower 60s for both locations, and clouds will slowly return to partly cloudy skies. By the start of the weekend, temperatures will be reversing and slowly rising.